25 years ISTOB Management Academy

Core competence future viability I sustainable innovation

The creation of one’s own personal strengths and potentials and their particular value for the development of individuals, teams and organisations are the heart of our further education, systemic coaching, customized trainings and tailor-made workshops.

It has become a tradition and is forward-looking at the same time: This year our ISTOB Management Institute will be celebrating its 25th anniversary. In the early years of the company, our scientific advisory board was formed by personalities like Niklas Luhmann, Heinz von Foerster and representatives of the School of Heidelberg. In particular they have been dedicated partners for us in the development of new systemic models, mind-sets and instruments.

From the beginning our „trademark“ has been and still remained the connection of methodologically and conceptually mature approaches and simultaneously their continuous, innovative further development. We are proud of this pioneering spirit we foster, and we are looking forward to taking up new issues and contents, in dialogue with a series of partners, and to slipping them in our work.

Instead of a guiding principle/central idea, we follow a guiding question/central question, developed with our participants individually and personally: What will have been important of a future perspective to have taken the right decisions and to have taken action efficiently – and which competences and strengths are now required to master this confidently and professionally.

In doing so we know how to connect intelligently a soundly systemic attitude, understanding and skills with the demand for future competences. The resultant innovative mindsets and approaches often turn out to be valuable and profitable – personally, professionally and familially.